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Тонгсин когезия спектрінің жаңа тарауы

Уақыты: 2022-03-18 Қаралды: 55


A new year, a new beginning.

«Тонгсин біріктіру спектрінің жаңа бөлімі» SRM Xinyuan жаңа энергетикалық бизнес конференциясы 11 жылдың 2022 ақпанында сәтті өтті. Эпидемияның алдын алу және бақылау және басқа факторларға байланысты біздің іскерлік кездесуіміз онлайн кездесу түрінде өтті.

The conference was attended by dealers, service providers and partners all over the country. We are market-oriented, aim at high-quality products, unite with Xinxin, never forget our original intention and share the mission, so as to prepare for the development of SRM Xinyuan new energy. It will accumulate strength for the future of SRM Xinyuan new energy brand and boost SRM Xinyuan new energy vehicles to shine in the field of green logistics.

At this meeting, we made a profound resumption of 2021 and a comprehensive layout of 2022, which is full of opportunities.

Looking back 2021

——SRM Xinyuan new energy works intensively, strives for progress while maintaining stability, continuously accumulates development potential energy, realizes comprehensive advancement with practical actions, highlights the brand trend with proud achievements, and has been highly praised by the market with its own comprehensive strength.

Outlook 2022

SRM Xinyuan new energy continues to forge ahead! Pay tribute to the elegance of the times with the heart of craftsman; Write a new chapter with the courage of action. Seize the golden age of the development of new energy commercial vehicles and solidly promote the brand new energy strategy.

Qi Xin fights 2022! Fight until you win!

At the meeting, the heads of all sectors of Xinyuan new energy division made detailed sharing on SRM Xinyuan new energy's "products, market planning, sales strategy, service strategy, new marketing innovation track, financial support".


Finally, Wang Jian, general manager of Xinyuan new energy division, made a summary of the meeting. With the theme of "why can Xinyuan new energy win in 2022", President Wang analyzed one by one from market opportunities to our advantages. Whether it is the national policy or the trend of the times, the new energy of automobile has been unstoppable. In addition to the five common opportunities in the industry, our SRM Xinyuan new energy has more unique advantages, which let us stand out - adhere to the quality line, and the only commitment in the industry is to guarantee the quality of super long batteries for 6 years or 300000 kilometers, At the same time, it also has a rich product pedigree and a team that is not afraid of difficulties, which fully explains the determination to win in 2022.


On the track of the rapid development of new energy commercial vehicles, we should realize alliance sharing, jointly build a multi-dimensional and integrated alliance ecosystem, achieve win-win results, and achieve the all-round development of SRM Xinyuan new energy brand.